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Case Studies

Read How National Software Escrow Has Helped Our Clients With Their Software Escrow Needs

Software escrow agreements are becoming more critical in our world’s complicated and ever-evolving technological landscape. Businesses face risks and hazards associated with commercial software applications, SaaS applications, software source codes, and information technology.

National Software Escrow, Inc. protects your information technology investment by securing it off-site in a secure cloud-based environment or on-site in our secure vault.

No other data escrow company can offer a completely customizable software escrow service at a better value than NSE. Whether you need a Single Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement, Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement, or Multi-Vendor Escrow Arrangement – National Software Escrow, Inc. has the experience and team ready to help.

If you need direction on selecting an escrow provider, please read our article – Features to look for when selecting an escrow provider.

We have showcased three vendor case studies to understand the methodology better and its uses in payments and fintech, certificate management and cryptography, and technological innovation.

Case Study #1

A Vendor who is a global leader in payments and fintech previously had a long relationship with another escrow provider with minimal issues, except being inflexible, but the Vendor was able to work around their concerns. Over time, the Vendor experienced multiple instances where their Escrow Provider had not kept up with Beneficiary account changes, incorrectly invoiced the Vendor, provided incomplete data to their Beneficiaries resulting in critical customer situations and, on one occasion, completely ‘lost’ their deposits in their vault for a period of time. Besides becoming more inflexible with some of the Vendor’s special needs, the Escrow Provider raised prices very quickly, past reasonable expectations. The Vendor was forced to look for another Escrow Provider. National Software Escrow, Inc. has met and exceeded the Vendor’s expectations! For over 18+ years, National Software Escrow, Inc. has provided the Vendor with a secure, cost-effective Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement for the Vendor’s 88 programs and 200+ Beneficiaries.


Over 18 Years

88 Programs

200+ Beneficiaries

Case Study #2

A Vendor which delivers certificate management and cryptography to over 100 domestic and international customers engaged National Software Escrow, Inc. (NSE) to harness its mainline escrow services, citing that their customers want bedrock guarantees about the products and services they pay for. Since 2014, National Software Escrow, Inc.’s Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement has been a safety net securing over 70+ of their customers’ most sensitive and critical electronic systems.


8 Years

100 Domestic and International Customers

Securing Over 70 Systems

Case Study #3

A Vendor in the forefront of technological innovation in the transportation industry has a suite of solutions for carriers, brokers and shippers. For over 25+ years, the Vendor has relied on National Software Escrow, Inc. as its Escrow Provider establishing 15+ stand-alone Single Beneficiary Agreements for its customers that require unique terms and conditions; as well as a Multi-Beneficiary Agreement for its 8 products and 40+ customers.


Over 25 Years

Over 15 Single Beneficiary Agreements

8 Products

When you select NSE as your software escrow agent, we promise the following:

Whether you are a Software Vendor with an idea to sell and protect or a Licensee with an investment to secure, National Software Escrow, Inc. has in place the facility and legal structure to provide a secure, cost-effective escrow arrangement which ensures the protection and peace-of-mind both parties require.



No other company can offer completely customizable software escrow services at a better value than NSE. Various types of escrow arrangements are available to meet your needs.



Protect your software investment by utilizing an independent escrow service provider to secure your software source code off site. Have peace of mind that your licensed software is protected against unforeseen circumstances.



The professionals at NSE have been servicing clients since 1986. With more than 35 years of experience, we are
your trusted partner for software source code protection.