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Escrow Storage

Physical or Electronic Format Storage

Escrow Storage Options

Companies implement custom software applications that are mission critical to the operation of their businesses every day. Because these applications are critical to their success, software license agreements often require the software vendor to store the source code and explanatory documentation in an escrow account for safe keeping.

A party licensing the software requests the software escrow from the owner of the software such as the software developer or software company to ensure maintenance of the software. When you use National Software Escrow as your service provider, we will establish your software escrow agreement and your escrow materials will be stored, maintained, secured and preserved in either Physical or Electronic format.

Physical Format

Escrow Deposit Materials deposited offline in Physical Format will be stored, maintained, secured and preserved in a “firelock” vault that features:

• Certified halon fire suppression system.
• Computer-controlled humidity and temperature levels.
• Vault and building monitored by 24-hour in house surveillance and security system.
• Key entry access.
• Air filtration system.

Electronic Format

Deposit Materials sent in Electronic Format will be stored, maintained, secured and preserved having:

• File Encryption using applicable and appropriate standards.
• Data storage over several large-scale data centers throughout the world.
• Protection against network security issues and downtime, e.g., Distribute Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Man in the Middle (IMITM) attacks, and packet sniffing.
• Redundant backups for data over multiple locations.

We offer a secure file upload service for clients’ electronic material storage. Our website is secure and protected using a verified Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

escrow storage

Why Do You Need Software Escrow Services?

Software source code is written in a human-readable computer programming language that controls the processing of data and the functionality of software applications. The source code itself can be hundreds of thousands of lines of code and is normally written by software programmers in programming languages. Source code is compiled into executable code that can be downloaded and run on a computer by an end user.

Repairing problems or changing the functionality of the critical application is only possible with the source code. In a source code escrow arrangement, the source code and documentation are held in escrow by a trusted escrow agent such as National Software Escrow. The source code and documentation are released upon the occurrence of a release event agreed upon by the Parties. . .such as the software company going out of business. After the event of a release, the customer can obtain the code to maintain the software. The maintenance of the software application involves fixing bugs or errors, installing updates and upgrades, as well as adding any new functionality required by the business.

We provide flexible technology escrow solutions to protect your investment in software applications and your intellectual property. Our source code escrow agreements are designed to leverage today’s technology to support the way you work. We understand today’s technology trends and have designed solutions for software vendors and SaaS application developers to ensure business continuity.

Want to learn more about software escrow agreements and release conditions? Contact us today, we’ll be happy to assist.