Escrow Storage

Physical or Electronic

Flexible Escrow Storage Options

Once your Agreement is established, Escrow Materials will be stored, maintained and secured in your choice of Physical or Electronic Format, via Physical or Electronic Delivery.

“Physical Delivery” means deposit by any non-electronic delivery manner such as, courier, courier service, postal service, mail service, hand-delivery, or any physical delivery in which data stored on tangible medium exchanges possession from one entity to another entity. Formats for a Physical Delivery can be optical disc storage (CD-ROM, Compact Disc, (CD), Digital Video Disc (DVD), etc.), removable storage, hard drive, portable storage, memory card, memory stick, or any other tangible computer-readable medium.

Escrow Materials deposited in Physical Format will be stored, maintained, secured and preserved in a 16,400 foot “firelock” vault that features:

  • Certified Halon fire suppression system
  • Computer-controlled humidity and temperature levels
  • Vault and building monitored by 24-hour surveillance and security system
  • Key punch access restricting entry
  • Air filtration system

“Electronic Delivery” means deposit by electronic transfer such as electronic mail (email), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or any other electronic transfer that communicates data from one storage location to another storage location.  Formats for Electronic Delivery include any file format that can be stored on a computer-readable medium.

Escrow Materials deposited in Electronic Format will be stored, maintained and preserved having the following:

  • File Encryption using applicable and appropriate standards. Encryption for storage is applied after files are uploaded
  • Data storage over several large-scale data centers throughout the world.
  • Protection against network security issues, e.g., Distribute Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Man in the Middle (IMITM) attacks, and packet sniffing
  • Redundant backups for data over multiple locations

National Software Escrow, Inc. offers a secure file upload service for clients’ electronic material storage. NSE’s website is secure and protected using a verified Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

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