Multi-Beneficiary Arrangement

Software Escrow Arrangement

Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement – (1 Technology Vendor / Multiple Beneficiaries)


multi-beneficiary software escrow arrangement

NSE offers a Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement to Technology Vendors who wish to enroll multiple Licensees (Beneficiaries) to one, universal Escrow Agreement.

NSE has retained the services of one of the country’s leading law firms whose specialists in computer-related contracts understand completely the technical objectives of these sophisticated transactions. NSE’s Multi- Beneficiary Escrow Agreement is a carefully researched, sophisticated legal instrument that will protect the rights, interests and investments of both parties.

Establishing your Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement is quick and easy.  To get started, simply request a copy of NSE’s Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Agreement.