Multi-Vendor Arrangement

Software Escrow Arrangement

Multi-Vendor Escrow Arrangement – (1 Beneficiary / Multiple Technology Vendors)


NSE offers a Multi-Vendor Arrangement to Licensees (Beneficiaries) who wish to enroll multiple Technology Vendors to one, universal Escrow Agreement.

NSE’s Multi-Vendor Escrow Agreement is designed to protect the rights, interests and investments of both parties and addresses:

  • The identities of the Beneficiary and each enrolled Technology Vendor
  • Specifics that will make up the escrow deposit
  • The submission of the initial escrow deposit and subsequent deposits (if any)
  • The issuing of receipts by National Software Escrow, Inc. for each escrow deposit
  • The storage of the escrow deposits
  • Defaults and Release from escrow
  • Disputes
  • Term & Termination

Establishing your Multi-Vendor Escrow Arrangement is quick and easy.  To get started, simply request a copy of NSE’s Multi-Vendor Agreement.