The “cube” question is often asked to National Software Escrow, Inc. (NSE).

In order to answer in proper context, it is important to provide a brief overview of the Services NSE offers.

NSE holds “intellectual property” in escrow just as other escrow companies normally hold cash.  Although not a financial institution, NSE is very similar.  NSE protects assets, and in this case, that asset would be “information”.

In many of today’s technology license agreements, companies licensing technology, Licensees, are requesting that along with the compiled program(s), a copy of the Technology Vendor’s proprietary source code also be provided. Source Codes are generally requested by Licensees simply for their own protection. With access to the source code, Licensees can maintain and enhance the software in the event that an unanticipated and/or catastrophic occurrence does not permit the Technology Vendor to continue its operations.

Many Technology Vendors do not support providing a copy of their source code to their clients. If their source code is provided upon purchase, Technology Vendors fear that a competent programmer or independent contractor at the Licensee’s location could modify the existing program and/or develop a competing program.

There is a solution however, and it is called software escrow”. Similar phrases are intellectual property escrow, source code escrow and code escrow. Establishing a Software Escrow Account satisfies the source code dilemma. It provides the Licensee with access to the Technology Vendor’s intellectual property (i.e. source code and documentation), in the event that a specific, release/triggering event agreed upon by the Technology Vendor and Licensee occurs.

This works by having the Technology Vendor submit a copy of their intellectual property to an agent of a source code escrow account, who will then in turn, store the source code in a secure location. If a release/triggering event occurs, the agent will then have the right to pass the source code that was deposited into escrow to the Licensee. The account is similar to that of taking out an insurance policy in order to safeguard the rights you have to the product.

So, “what’s up with the cube” you say?  That’s easy. . . the outer cube represents National Software Escrow, Inc. and the inner, represents its client’s asset.  The cube conveys strength, confidence and longevity among other things.  Let’s face it, this is serious stuff that NSE is involved in.  Specifically, the cube represents security, stability and protection.  Since the foundation for NSE’s success spans over 20 years, it is very important to maintain these key attributes as part of its ongoing identity.





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