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Escrow Agreements, Price Schedule and Unparalleled Service

Experience and Longevity

Although price is an important consideration in selecting an Escrow Provider, an equally important one involves the number of years that the Escrow Provider has been protecting intellectual property, as well as the number of customers that have placed their trust with the Escrow Provider.  National Software Escrow, Inc. has been providing Intellectual Property Escrow Services since 1986.  Over 2,000 customers worldwide place their trust in National Software Escrow, Inc.  Longevity is synonymous with “experience” and experience counts when selecting your Provider.


Prompt, Professional Attention

NSE understands that ‘Service’ is first and foremost when considering the selection of an Escrow Provider.  ‘Service’ is what differentiates NSE from others Providers and is the reason why over 2,000 customers worldwide place their trust in our organization.  NSE’s unparalleled Service includes:

• Prompt professional attention to your needs
• Precise and efficient preparation of your Escrow Agreement
• Reliable and prompt notification to the parties upon receipt of Escrow Materials
• Secure storage of the Escrow Materials

Selecting a Provider that offers immediate, professional attention to your needs, as National Software Escrow, Inc. strives to do, is invaluable.


Supports Special Needs

An Escrow Provider that can address your needs (regardless of how simple or complex) is important.  Multiple storage options may be required.  Customers may require semi-annual reports for auditing purposes.  National Software Escrow, Inc. has been providing Intellectual Property Escrow Services for over 25 years by addressing the needs of our customers.


Offers Multiple Types of Escrow Arrangements

Whether your Escrow needs are simplistic in nature (1 Technology Vendor / 1 Licensee) or complex (1 Technology Vendor / Multiple Licensees), a key feature involves whether your Provider can accommodate your needs, while acting as a neutral third party, and producing various types of Escrow Agreements that satisfy your requirements.  National Software Escrow, Inc. offers various types of Escrow Agreements that can be reviewed free-of-charge and tailored to meet your needs.


Prompt Notification to the Parties

Once a deposit has been submitted into escrow, it is imperative that the Escrow Provider notify the parties that the materials are in its possession.  Prompt notifications sent by the Escrow Provider to the Technology Vendor and Licensee(s) are important in an effort to avoid confusion.  National Software Escrow, Inc.’s notifications verifying receipt of escrow deposits are sent promptly via U.S. post and/or via electronic mail.


Support for both Physical & Electronic Storage

National Software Escrow, Inc.’s ability to support both Physical & Electronic deposits is of key importance.  Some customers may require redundant physical storage of materials, as well as redundant electronic storage.  With over 25 years of experience, your intellectual property will be safe and secure.  When your organization selects NSE, escrow materials will be stored, maintained, secured and preserved in your choice of Physical or Electronic Format, via Physical or Electronic Delivery.


Fee Structure

National Software Escrow, Inc. maintains an easy-to-understand fee schedule that simplifies the entire process.  National Software Escrow, Inc. does not believe that one should ever have to pay a “Set Up Fee” (a fee to establish the Agreement, make minor modifications to the terms and conditions, etc.).  National Software Escrow, Inc.’s fee structure will be consistent each and every year.  Since 1986, not one of National Software Escrow, Inc.’s customers has ever experienced an increase in their fee structure.  Comprehending an Escrow Provider’s fee structure should be easy to understand without surprises and National Software Escrow, Inc.’s fee structure is designed with that in mind.


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