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What We Do

We hold intellectual property in escrow just as other escrow companies normally hold money.  Although not a financial institution, we are very similar.  We protect assets and in this case, that asset is “information”.

Specifically, we protect Technology Vendors and Licensees by storing intellectual property in a secure location, and permit access if an event agreed upon by a Technology Vendor and a Licensee occurs.

Single Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement

We offer a Single Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement for (1) Technology Vendor and (1) Licensee.

Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement

We offer a Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement for (1) Technology Vendor and multiple Licensees. 

Multi-Vendor Escrow Arrangement

We offer a Multi-Vendor Arrangement for (1) Licensee and multiple Technology Vendors.

What’s Up With The Cube?

Our cube represents security, stability and protection.  Since the foundation for our success spans over 25 years, it is very important to maintain these key attributes as part of our ongoing identity.

The outer cube represents National Software Escrow, Inc.

The inner, represents our clients’ assets.

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