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What We Do

Since 1986, National Software Escrow, Inc. has been protecting Technology Vendors and Licensees by acting as a neutral third party, storing a Technology Vendor’s intellectual property in a secure location, and permitting access if an event agreed upon by the Technology Vendor and Licensee occurs.

The result being that the Licensee may obtain access to the intellectual property in the event that an unanticipated and/or catastrophic occurrence does not permit the Technology Vendor to continue its operations, while the Vendor protects their interests and increases the value of their product.

Single Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement

NSE offers a Single Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement to Technology Vendors who wish to enter into an Escrow Agreement with a single Licensee (Beneficiary).

Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement

NSE offers a Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement to Technology Vendors who wish to enroll multiple Licensees (Beneficiaries) to one, universal Escrow Agreement.

Multi-Vendor Escrow Arrangement

NSE offers a Multi-Vendor Arrangement to Licensees (Beneficiaries) who wish to enroll multiple Technology Vendors to one, universal Escrow Agreement.

What’s Up With The Cube?

Specifically, the cube represents security, stability and protection.  Since the foundation for NSE’s success spans over 20 years, it is very important to maintain these key attributes as part of our ongoing identity.

The outer cube represents National Software Escrow, Inc

The inner, represents our clients’ assets.  The cube conveys strength, confidence and longevity among other things.

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