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Software Escrow Protection Services

A Software Escrow Arrangement is an agreement that protects both parties in a License Agreement.

What is a Software Escrow & Why is it needed?

A Software Escrow Arrangement is an agreement that protects both parties in a License Agreement. Its purpose is to provide a Licensee with access to a Software Vendor’s source code in the event that a specific release event agreed upon by the parties occurs. Source codes are generally requested by companies for their protection. Source code contains the instructions that create the software program, which can be transformed into an executable program, in order for the software to run as it should.

This works by having a Software Vendor deposit their source code with an agent of an escrow account, who will then store it in a secure location either offline or in-house in a secured cloud environment. If a release event occurs, the agent will then release the source code to the Licensee.

A Software Escrow protects a Licensee by giving access to the Software Vendor’s source code in the event that an unanticipated and/or catastrophic occurrence does not permit the Software Vendor to continue its operations (or an event agreed upon by the Parties occurs); while simultaneously protecting the Software Vendor’s interests and increasing the value of their solution. 

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What Type of Escrow Arrangement is Right for Me?

NSE is a leading innovator in source code escrow services. We help to create and administer Escrow Agreements for the protection of software source code and intellectual property. We offer our customers three different types of Escrow services. Listed below are the Escrow Arrangements we offer our clients.

Are you Software Vendor licensing software to one Licensee?

Single Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement

Are you Software Vendor licensing software to multiple Licensees?

multi beneficiary agreement

Are you a Licensee with investments to secure?

multi vendor agreements

Storage of Escrow Materials

Physical delivery 

This is done by any non-electronic delivery manner such as a courier service, postal service, mail service, hand-delivery, or physical delivery in which the data stored on a tangible medium exchanges possession. When deposit materials are sent in physical format, they are stored, maintained, and secured in a firelock vault that features:

  • 24-hour surveillance and security system
  • Fire suppression system
  • Humidity and temperature level controls
  • Key punch access
    escrow storage
    electronic storage

    Electronic delivery

    This is done by electronic transfer such as electronic mail (e-mail), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or any electronic transfer that sends data from one storage location to another. Escrow Materials deposited in electronic format will be stored, maintained, and secured with the following:

    • Data storage over several large-scale data centers
    • File encryption using appropriate standards
    • Protection against network security issues such as Distribute Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and Man in the Middle (IMITM) attacks
    • Data is secure and protected using a verified Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

    When you select NSE as your software escrow agent, we promise the following:

    Whether you are a Software Vendor with an idea to sell and protect or a Licensee with an investment to secure, National Software Escrow, Inc. has in place the facility and legal structure to provide a secure, cost-effective escrow arrangement which ensures the protection and peace-of-mind both parties require.



    No other company can offer completely customizable software escrow services at a better value than NSE. Various types of escrow arrangements are available to meet your needs.



    Protect your software investment by utilizing an independent escrow service provider to secure your software source code off site. Have peace of mind that your licensed software is protected against unforeseen circumstances.



    The professionals at NSE have been servicing clients since 1986. With more than 35 years of experience, we are your trusted partner for software source code protection.