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Multi-Vendor Escrow Arrangement – (1 Licensee / Multiple Vendors)

Software Escrow Arrangements

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If you are ready, we offer a short questionnaire to help determine your need for these services. Check out this short survey to determine if Software Escrow is right for you.

We offer a Multi-Vendor Escrow Arrangement for (1) Licensee aka (“Beneficiary”) and multiple Software Vendors.

Our Multi-Vendor Agreement enables a Licensee to enroll multiple Software Vendors to one Master Agreement, saving time and money from having to establish multiple Escrow Agreements.

Our Multi-Vendor Escrow Agreement addresses:

  • The identities of the Licensee and each Software Vendor
  • Specifics that make up each Software Vendor’s Escrow Materials
  • The submission and storage of the Escrow Materials
  • Release Conditions from Escrow

Establishing your Escrow Agreement is quick and easy.  To get started, download our Agreement and/or request additional information about our Multi-Vendor Arrangement by clicking here.

Download a Sample Agreement