It’s Time to Prepare

National Software EscrowAt National Software Escrow, we take great pride in the idea and execution of being prepared. It can be said that our entire model speaks to this; you can’t ever be too prepared. I recall being told that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. No more valid words have been spoken except possibly the wisdom of my cartoon hero as a kid, GI Joe. He would always end each episode recap of what life lesson was learned with these words… ‘Knowing is half the battle.’ Knowing is half the battle, whether you are coordinating a strike against Cobra Command or just trying to determine whether software escrow is needed for your business.

The Planning Mindset

At the core of planning is a mindset that believes knowing what is and is about to be is vital to success. Managing your present with a clear view of your future is critical to success in life and your career. But it isn’t always easy to do. First, you must be able to self-assess and be aware of your current and future state. And secondly, be brave enough to take action in light of what you find. Sometimes pausing and asking key questions can uncover detours on your journey or pitfalls on your path. All of us could use that type of insight. Perhaps something as simple as a survey or quiz might shake the cobwebs from your mind and get you back on track.

Who remembers these words? ‘Take out a pencil and paper – time for a pop quiz.’ We’ve all heard this more times than we can recount. Its mere mention sends iced chills down the spine of many. And you thought those words would never cross your ears again once you had made it through high school and college. Yet, you can’t go very far online without running into a quiz or survey these days. Unfortunately, now some of these quizzes can be an enormous waste of time, whereas others offer real value. Let’s look at some of the latest quiz offerings.

Politics! Not at the Dinner Table

Have you wondered where your standards and beliefs lie in this hotly contested political climate? Sometimes the environment in which we were raised will lay a foundation for ideas and the ecosystem in which we reside as adults. Like all tests, they are limited and can be seen from different lights to deliver different results based on how the question is asked and the answers you are given to respond. There are some great quizzes available to help you focus on where you land politically by addressing social issues and asking you to gauge where you land on a spectrum.

Emotionally Intelligent or Just Emotional?

National Software Escrow Do you know how adapted your emotional intelligence (EI) is? Do you have the emotional capacity to relate to or emphasize with those hurting around you? Do you even know what Emotional Intelligence is? Well simply stated, Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to recognize, manage, and assess emotions. While some academics contend that Emotional Intelligence is an inborn trait, others contend that it can be learned and increased. Although no direct correlations have been demonstrated, studies have revealed that those with high EI have better mental health, work performance, and leadership abilities. In addition, EI is frequently linked to empathy since it requires a person to relate their own experiences to those of others. Since EI has gained popularity in recent years, many people who strive to become better leaders are interested in learning how to do it. Take a look online and you will find some great quizzes to get your EI scored.

What Am I Doing with My Life?

National Software Escrow This is a profound question, probably too deep for this blog. So, let’s come up to the surface a bit. How about what career would you be best at? Where does your passion lie? This is a little more manageable in scope. We have all wondered this. Are we suited for the job we have? Did you miss your calling? Many people have asked themselves that very question coming out of the Great Resignation following Covid-19. We are not suggesting that it’s time to brush off the dust from your cleats and pursue that D1 Football scholarship, but perhaps a short quiz might shed some light on places that have gone dark, spark a new passion, or reignite an old one.

Software Escrow Services: It’s Time to Know

And finally, where do your current software services or platforms leave you feeling exposed or at risk? Did you know that risk is associated with your company’s software? Are you a software vendor looking to protect your source code? A Software Escrow Arrangement is an agreement that protects both parties in a License Agreement. Its purpose is to provide a Licensee with access to a Software Vendor’s source code if a specific release event agreed upon by the Parties occurs. Companies generally request source codes for their protection. Source code contains the instructions that create the software program, which can be transformed into an executable program for the software to run as it should.

We have developed a short survey to help you navigate these waters and provide answers. Software Escrow is one of those areas that make sense to know before it is too late. Please check out our two different surveys.

This survey is for software vendors.

This survey is for a software licensee.

National Software Escrow (NSE) is an independent service provider of software source code protection services for software companies and their end users. We offer secure, off-site storage of source code in case of unforeseen events that could jeopardize the software’s ongoing functionality. In addition, our software escrow agreements are customizable and offer the best value when seeking protection and peace of mind in a software license agreement.

Contact us today, we’ll be glad to give you more reasons why you should choose NSE as your escrow agent.