Why Choose NSE

Escrow Agreements, Price Schedule and Unparalleled Service

NSE’s Software Escrow Agreements

NSE’s Escrow Agreements are designed to protect the rights, interests and investments of the parties involved. NSE provides the following services in relation:

  • NSE’s Agreements can be reviewed at no charge
  • NSE will prepare and send copies of the selected Escrow Agreement to the parties once they are satisfied with the terms and conditions set forth.

NSE’s Price Schedule

NSE’s Escrow Arrangements reflect the following benefits:

  • Simple and easy-to-understand fee schedule


When considering the selection of a Software Escrow Provider, it is important to consider the level of service that both parties expect to receive. NSE understands that ‘Service’ is first and foremost when considering the selection of a Technology Escrow Service. ‘Service’ is what differentiates NSE from other escrow providers.

NSE’s unparalleled Service includes:

  • Immediate professional attention to needs
  • Prompt reply for information requests
  • Precise and efficient preparation of Escrow Agreements
  • Reliable and prompt notification to the parties upon receipt of Escrow Materials
  • An appreciation of the value that both parties place on the Escrow Materials.

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