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Why Choose National Software Escrow, Inc.?

National Software Escrow (NSE) is an independent service provider of software source code protection services for software companies and their end users. Our software escrow agreements are customizable and offer the best value when seeking protection and peace of mind in a software license agreement.


Protect your software investment by having us secure your software source code off site. Have peace of mind that your licensed software is protected.


No other company can offer completely customizable software escrow services at a better value. Various types of escrow arrangements are available to meet your needs.


Our professionals have been servicing clients since 1986. With more than 35 years of experience, we are your trusted partner for software source code protection.

The Best Choice for Your Software Escrow Company

Whether you are a Software Vendor with an idea to sell and protect or a Licensee with an investment to secure, we have the facility and legal structure to provide a secure, cost-effective escrow arrangement ensuring the protection both parties require. We protect your software investment by securing your software source code off site. There is no other data escrow company that can offer a completely customizable software escrow service at a better value.

With over 35 years of experience, your intellectual property will be safe and secure. Escrow materials will be stored, maintained, secured and preserved in either physical or electronic format, via physical or electronic delivery.

Our Process

Establishing the Agreement

Our in-house team can work with the Parties on the terms of the Escrow Agreement. This includes deposit frequency, fees, release criteria, etc.

Release of Source Code

If pre-agreed release conditions are met, we initiate the process of transferring the source code held in escrow to the Licensee.

Contact us today, we’ll be glad to give you more reasons why you should choose NSE as your escrow agent.