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Collateral Uses for a Technology Escrow Arrangement

Technology Escrow Arrangement - National Software Escrow, Inc. (NSE) holds “intellectual property” in escrow just as other escrow companies normally hold cash. Although not a financial institution, NSE is very similar.  NSE protects assets, and in this case, that...

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“What’s up with the Cube?” Security, Stability, and Protection of Intellectual Property

The "cube" question is often asked to National Software Escrow, Inc. (NSE). In order to answer in proper context, it is important to provide a brief overview of the Services NSE offers. NSE holds “intellectual property” in escrow just as other escrow companies...

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Is a Technology Escrow Agreement required when licensing software from an Application-Service-Provider?

Technology Escrow Agreement & Application Service Provider “Software as a Service” supplied by Application-Service-Providers (ASPs) is a popular software model in which software is centrally hosted and is generally priced via a subscription fee. Organizations...

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