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Single Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement – (1 Vendor / 1 Licensee)

Software Escrow Arrangements

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Businesses face risks and hazards associated with commercial software applications, SaaS applications, software license agreements, source codes, object codes, intellectual property, and information technology. Therefore, businesses seek out technology escrow services to provide safekeeping for these items against failed warranties, discontinuation of updates and maintenance by the software provider, or insolvency of the provider.

We offer many types of escrow arrangements. One such arrangement is called a Single Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement for (1) Software Vendor and (1) Licensee.

We have retained the services of one of the country’s leading law firms. Their specialists understand the technical objectives of computer-related contracts and software escrow agreements. Rest assured, our Agreement is a carefully researched document designed to protect your rights, interests, and investments.

In a single beneficiary agreement, which is a conventional three-party agreement, the beneficiary (Licensee)  is designated as the recipient of the deposit materials pursuant to the occurrence of a Release Condition  This Agreement is designed for (1) Software Vendor (Licensor), and (1) Licensee.

Our Single Beneficiary Escrow Agreement addresses:

  • The identities of the Software Vendor and Licensee
  • Specifics that make up the Software Vendor’s Escrow Deposit
  • The submission and storage of the Deposit Materials
  • The release of the deposit materials from the Escrow Account by the escrow agent

Establishing your Escrow Agreement is quick and easy. To get started, download our Agreement and/or request additional information about our Single Beneficiary Arrangement by clicking here.

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