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Verification of the “Deposit Materials”

Upon receipt of the “Deposit Materials”, National Software Escrow, Inc. (NSE) will issue to both the Technology Vendor and Beneficiary a receipt for the initial deposit and for each subsequent deposit. Such receipt verifies a delivery to NSE, but not a verification of...

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So what exactly can be deposited into Escrow?

So what exactly can be deposited into Escrow? The answer to this question is directly related to what the Technology Vendor and Licensee agree to as “Deposit Materials”. In a Technology Escrow Agreement, “Deposit Materials” will be that portion of a Technology...

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Why Do I Need Software Escrow?

What is a software escrow and why is it needed? In many of today's technology license agreements, companies licensing technology are requesting that along with the program(s), a copy of the Technology Vendor's proprietary source code also be provided. Source code...

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