Steps for Establishing your Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Agreement

Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Arrangement

 Steps for establishing your Multi-Beneficiary Escrow Agreement


1. Submit the corporate name, physical address and contact email addresses for the Technology Vendor.

2. The Agreement will be prepared and sent to the Technology Vendor for execution.

3. Instructions will be sent to the Technology Vendor so that they may deposit their materials into escrow.  Once received, we will issue a receipt to the Technology Vendor pursuant to the terms of their Escrow Agreement.

4. To enroll a Beneficiary, the Technology Vendor will complete Form 2.2 within the Agreement titled, “Additional Beneficiary Registration” and forward it to the Beneficiary for execution.  Upon our receipt of the form executed by both parties, as well as the Beneficiary’s 1st year escrow fees, the Beneficiary will be officially enrolled to the Escrow Agreement and documentation will be forwarded to them confirming this fact.