National Software Escrow, Inc. protects your information technology investment by securing your software source code off-site in a secure, cloud-based environment, or on-site in our secure vault. There is no other data escrow company that can offer a completely customizable software escrow service at a better value than NSE. There are multiple organizations that offer Intellectual Property Escrow Services, so how can you make sense of it all?

Key features worth noting when selecting an Escrow Provider include:

Experience & Longevity

How long has the Escrow Provider been protecting intellectual property? Although price is an important consideration, an equally important one involves the number of years that the Escrow Provider has been protecting intellectual property, as well as the number of customers that have placed their trust with the Escrow Provider. Longevity is synonymous with “experience”. . . . and experience counts when selecting your Provider.

Immediate, Professional Attention

There is nothing more irritating than being interested in a service and waiting for the software provider to get around to providing it to you. Organizations that offer intellectual property Escrow Services are in the “Service Industry”. Selecting a provider that offers immediate, professional attention to your needs (including replying promptly to information requests) is invaluable.

Can the Provider Support Special Needs?

An Escrow Provider that can address your needs (regardless of how simple or complex) is important. Multiple storage options may be required. Customers may require semi-annual reports for auditing purposes. Escrow providers who have been in the marketplace for years have ‘experienced it all’ and should be able to address your needs.

Can the Provider offer multiple types of Escrow Arrangements?

Whether your Escrow needs are simplistic in nature (1 Technology Vendor / 1 Licensee) or complex (1 Technology Vendor / Multiple Licensees), a key feature to look for is whether the provider can accommodate your needs and produce software escrow agreements that satisfy your requirements.

Prompt Notification to the Parties?

Once a deposit has been submitted into escrow, it is imperative that the Escrow Provider notify the parties that the materials are in its possession. Prompt notifications by the Escrow Provider to the Software Vendor and Licensee are important in an effort to avoid confusion.

The Support of Both Physical & Electronic Storage

An Escrow Provider’s ability to support both Physical & Electronic deposits is important. Some customers may require redundant physical storage of materials, whereas others may require redundant electronic storage.

Deposit Materials sent in physical format will be stored, maintained, secured, and preserved in a “firelock” vault, keeping it safe and secure.

Escrow Materials deposited in electronic format will be stored, maintained, secured, and preserved with file encryption in our SSL encrypted cloud environment.


Let’s face it. . . price matters! Selecting a software escrow agent that offers a simple, easy-to-understand, cost-effective pricing simplifies the entire process.

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Benefits of Choosing NSE for your Software Source Code Escrow

When you choose NSE, your intellectual property will be safe and secure. Escrow materials such as source code will be stored, maintained, secured, and preserved in either physical or electronic format. We have always provided the best software source code escrow benefits. For example, we provide the following escrow services:

  • Deposit notifications
  • Electronic and physical storage for all source code

What NSE Covers

It is up to the parties to specify the details of the software escrow agreement. Coverage should include everything necessary for the Licensee to recover from any loss of the software. This may include:

  • The overall executable code
  • All documentation
  • Specific executable elements or libraries which the software requires to function
  • Any other code necessary to reinstall a fully functioning duplicate of the licensed software

The software escrow agreement should also include validation of all the covered elements. This helps ensure that as the application evolves through upgrades and maintenance, the technology escrow account continues to hold everything necessary to get things back up and running.

Contact us today, we’ll be glad to give you more reasons why you should choose National Software Escrow, Inc. as your escrow agent.